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Posted by kronstadt on February 7, 2007

Wawaweewa, what is happening?  I have been writing for 4 days and all that I had was just 2 visitors.  I just came home and… wooohhooo… 75 visitors already!!! Wow… it’s really picking up!  How come????  I’m totally new to Blogging, so I would apreciate any advices on how to proceed.Any suggestions as to how to make this website/blog more popular?

Also… does anyone know how I can start a free forum?  Like one of those PHPBB2…  (I think that it is important that people participate rather then listen to what a circle of individuals has to say)

Succinctly put, watch this space for more – a lot more writing, thinking, re-thinking, proposing, discussing, and, of course, on the ground direct activism.

Cheers 🙂


7 Responses to “Wawaweewa”

  1. nazarian said

    Libertarian Socialism?

    Isn’t adding the concept of ‘socialism’ contradictory to the concept of libertarianism? Community based initiatives can only be voluntary. One cannot impose socialist system upon people and call it libertarianism.

  2. Well, Ara Manoogian and I linked to your site and I posted the link on an Armenian mailing list.



  3. Observer said

    Well – that explains it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Even if you’re an anarchist, you have to let yourself known to the blogger commlunity in order to have visitors!

  4. Right, a lesson that many Armenian bloggers forget — link to each other, but I don’t just mean in terms of adding a link in a sidebar or a collection of favourite blogs.

    From time to time if you’re dealing with a theme or issue mentioned on another site, link, quote and work that into your own post.

    That’s the only way we’re ever going to get ourselves a real, mature blogosphere and discussion of some major issues that concern us all.

    Good Luck!

  5. Before I wrote about it, there were already 49 hits on this site, so most of the hits I’m guessing came from Onnik’s site writing and posting about it on the Armenian mailing list.

  6. ShadaԽօս said

    You can start your own message board at Let me know if you need any help.

  7. kronstadt said

    ShadaԽօս , thanks for the tip. Very valuable!!! The FORUM (we called it HRAPARAK) is now up and running. Enjoy!

    Hazarian, you said:
    Isn’t adding the concept of ’socialism’ contradictory to the concept of libertarianism? Community based initiatives can only be voluntary. One cannot impose socialist system upon people and call it libertarianism.
    But that’s precisely the point: True Socialism cannot be imposed (look at the failure of Soviet-style SovKhoz), it can only be built from bottom up (like anarchists proposed a century ago – an insight that many contemporary theorists of democracy in the West finaly start to value). Throughout decades of Communist epistemological monopoly we have been led to believe that Bolshevik-style communism is the only actualisation of Socialism. In fact, from were I stand, those Communists are closer to Fascists (they still refuse to understand what I mean by that). A true socialism cannot live without Liberty and Democracy. Now… There are strong tendencies within the Armenian culture that are Socialistic and which are outside of governemntal support (in fact peasants’ efforts to form collectivist farms are being crushed by local oligarkhs and government laws). It is these tendencies that must be given green light, while they are being crushed by capitalism. After all, Socialism is encoded in our culture: throughout centuries and millennia we managed to survive and even thrive (culturally and economically) not because we are a “superior nation” (as Tseghakrons would argue), but because it was in our cultural codes to stick together and practice Mutual Aid. Prosperity of the Armenian Diaspora and the immigrant communities in general, are explained by the dominant theories of Labour Economics precisely in these terms. Look even at Onnik Krikorian’s above comment about liking to each other (look at how well developed and rapidly growing the Armenian blogophese is). We can temporarily run from it toward Racism and Fascism and Big Militarised State machinery, but the simple truth is Armenians are natural born socialists.
    To explain my point better about what many may see as an oximoron contradiction between Socialism and Libertarianism, I have designed a political map, which is very simple as if usually taught at universities about politicat theory.

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