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Where we stand

Posted by kronstadt on February 8, 2007

Also, there seems to be a confusion as to where we stand.  For now I’ll just post an image of Political Map with some of dominant currents some Armenian parties. Though still simplistic, it tries to explain the political field and show there is more to it then a linear dichotomy of “Left” and “Right”. Just click on it for a larger version


2 Responses to “Where we stand”

  1. agrav said

    by the way the strong left wing can not be libertarian
    they are avtoritarian
    and cmrd u heve meke a mistake about Dashnacutyun party
    they should be closed to arenian nazi ,cos they are!

  2. David said

    I don’t suggest about this….
    & Dashnaks must be in the last right squere of Marksizm

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