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Save Melkonian PETITION

Posted by kronstadt on February 12, 2007

Please go to and sign the PETITION to be sent to the President of Cyprus and other high-ranking officials.  Please choose “Friend of Cyprus” option if you are not a citizen of Cyprus. 

The story in brief: After 3 and a half years of campaigning by and and after many successes (like passing 2 favourable resolutions in Cypriot parliament and having the courts forbid the sale) the Cypriot court has removed the previous injuction to stop AGBU from selling the school  (background info: in 1925 Melkonian Brothers entrusted AGBU to run and maintain the school, but not to sell it).   The AGBU has been claiming that the school costs too much and that it is no longer needed at its present location because the region, unlike in the times of the Lebanese civil war, is finially “peaceful” (hmm, the Iraq war???, the recent invasion of Lebabon???).  What they’re not telling you is that ENRON‘s bankruptcy has affected “Loise Simone & Co” (the AGBU) — they need big money to cover. (I’m sure all of you have heard just how corrupt AGBU really is (as well as its partners like RA government))    At the same time,  Melkonian Campus in Cyprus is a giant land mass located in the middle of a rapidly growing Financial region of Nicosia with property prices rising and rising and rising.  In 2003 the land alone has been estimated Loise Simone and Berje Setrakianat US$80mln-200mln (that’s before the invasion of Iraq and before the dollar plumeted). 

What they’re also not telling you is that Melkonian School has its own resources and investments and a very committed Alumni, which are sufficient to run the school independently and self-sufficiently.

Over the last 80 years the Melkonian has been a boarding school with Armenian teenagers from over 40 countries – it represented the microcosm of Armenian diaspora.  It has been the only Armenian boarding school left in the world.  It was not just a school, but also a living breathing community with very strong, vibrant and political student-culture.  Many prominent Armenian writers, poets, thinkers, academics, doctors, lawers, businessmen and highly specialised professionals and politically and internationally significal individuals came out of that school.  Succinctly put, it has been the intellectual hatchery and the cultural power-base of the Diaspora.  In addition, that was the place were Diasporan branch of Armenian language and literature was in a proper systemised teaching styles.

One month ago the court has removed the injuction.  And now the AGBU is free to go ahead and permanently sell the school.  But Melkonian is one of those places that Armenian People cannot afford to loose… too much is at stake, while we are being betrayed by the leaders we did not choose.

Please go to and sign the petition.  Please also spread the word: urge as many people as possible to go there and sign the petition; also put SaveMelkonian’s black-eagle avatar on your blog – spread the word to as many corners as possible.   Let us show the People-Power.

You can also read the Press Release here.            


3 Responses to “Save Melkonian PETITION”

  1. Haig said

    In addition: Cyprus Supreme court also ruled against the Cyprus Parliament’s resolutions that were mentioned in the blog on the same day as the injunction was removed. The resolutions were recognise Melkonian as a Historical and Cultural heritage and for the preservation of Melkonian forests which are probably the only biggest forest in Nicosia (capital of Cyprus). Those resolutions meant that none of the buildings couldn’t be demolished and no tree could be cut which meant that the land was not fit for any construction and therefore it would be hard to find a buyer.
    You can read more about the Court decisions at Cyprus Mail:
    and of course at and

    Mr. Sedrakian said that eventually we (Alumni and Friends) will get tired, they were many ups and downs but we never did get tired. It is obvious that at that time he didn’t know that who the Melkoniantsis are , I am sure now he knows. 🙂

  2. Haig said

    By the way the Mesrop Mashtots statue that you see in the pictures was bulldozered last year. It shows that how little respect the AGBU heads have toward anything Armenian. I wonder where they have dumped the statue. You can see the footage at

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