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Anarchist responses to Hrant Dink’s murder

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on February 14, 2007

Here is just one of the Anarchist articles about Hrant Dink spread through a Hrant Dinkglobal anarchist news-wire.  I hope Armenian communnities will find it interesting. 

If Hrant Dink’s murder caused serious uproar anywhere in the world outside of Armenian society and immediately Turkish and Kurdish communities, it has, most definitely, been among Radical Left, the anti-Fascists and, especially the Anarchists.  My Turkish anarchist comrade has written to me today about his article and a special-issue of his journal dedicated to Hrant Dink and the Foucaldean notion of parrhesia (conciously making a choice to lead a dangerous life of speaking Truth to Power as a moral, social, and/or political obligation).  I hope to publish an English version of that article here soon.  As the pictures of his covered dead body spead across the internet, I couldn’t help but notice the hole in his right shoe – a sign of poverty.  Within the Armenian media the general emphasis in analysing Dink’s murder fell mostly on him being outspoken about the Genocide, and less so on his integrity as a parrhesiastes.  

Nevertheless, in general I have been satisfied and even surprised by the depth and responsiblity of Armenian response.  Of course, there were those who would exclaim “They are all the same, they are all bloodlusty barbarians; Turks are same as back in 1915, they will never change!” – not surprising, given the extent of the rise of Fascism and Nationalism in owr own society.  Some have chosen to praise his “nationalism”, despite the fact that he was an outspoken anti-nationalist (in all directions).  Yet most of the Armenian commentators and ordinary people on the streets, when asked, proposed to look into the deeper complexities and inner workings of the Turkish society – particularly the State-guarded knowledge, dominance of the military, systems of education, the “regime of Truth”, class-structure and even the ontological bases of modern Turkish identity.  I believe such a response is more responsible and is a positive development.

Here is another anarchist article, if you can read Turkish.


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