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JOIN Banana Republic Party – Բանանա Հանրապետություն Կուսակցություն

Posted by kronstadt on February 19, 2007

Project BANANA REPUBLIC PARTY (please note: this project is an experimental political joke and has nothing to do with the rest of our movement) 

Dodi Gago (aka Gagik Tsarukian) started a political party with the most ridiculous name possible *Bargavatch Hayastan*  and now this party claims 370,000 members (pretty Bargavatch growth rate. ha?) – that’s 1/4 of the electorate.  I should also mention that Labour party which has been in power for the last 10 years and is the largest party in the UK has only 140,000 members (while UK’s population is 60,000,000).  Yet Bargavatch Kusaktsutyun don’t even have a Bargavatch website of their own; and they don’t seem to have a Bargavatch manifesto either.

Everything about this party is simply a Joke: the name, the leader, the membership.  And yet the media seems to be taking it all very seriously.

I find this concept of “Gagik Tsarukian’s Prosperous Armenia party” infinitely amusing.  It’s as if a political party can belong to someone.  It’s as if is his private property!

OK… so I have decided.  I’m establishing my own party with a lot more serious name *BANANA HANRAPETUTYUN* Բանանա Հանրապետություն.  And its going to be my party (no contestants, total control). 

Manifesto: The purpose of the party is to ridicule Bargavatch Hayastan and this whole political unseriousness in Armenia (wow, looks like I already have a manifesto, unlike Bargavatch). 

Membership: Anonymous. Membership is FREE. And you can also be a member of any other political parties (as many as you like).

Party Logo: The DODO  – which is an extict species for 300 years

Party Moto: Dodo Hayastan – filming location for Borat II  in 2020!!! Great Success…  

Why join my glorious party?  When you join, you will get 3kg of potatos and a Banana (as a PDF attachment).

So….   Who wants to join??? 

If you want to join this glorious party, then e-mail me on with an e-mail subject “Banana Republic“, or just “Dodo”… or just say “Place me under Dodo’s wing” in the comments bellow. 

The more members we get the bigger the ridicule.  If my party won’t get the numbers, then it would mean that Bargavatch Hayastan is a more serious party than mine.

Party members so far57      Aim: 100,000

Of yeah…. and please do spread this information around. Please put a link and this Avatar on your blog or website.   If you know people who want to join our Dodo party, but don’t have internet access, then just get their names, but most importantly the Quantities, and e-mail them to us.

(note: this project is an experimental political joke and has nothing to do with the rest of our movement)


9 Responses to “JOIN Banana Republic Party – Բանանա Հանրապետություն Կուսակցություն”

  1. Rebel Yell said

    Place me under Dodo’s wing

  2. nazarian said

    me 2

  3. […] has started the Banana Republic Party to heap ridicule on Gagik Tsarukian’s Prosperous Armenia party. Nathan […]

  4. Enker Panchuni said

    Put me under Dodo’s BIG BIG wings. I’m in too. We will take the Eagle from off the Coat of Arms and put a Dodo instead. So many countries have an eagle, that it’s boring. No other country has a Dodo as its symbol (and its better than a Scavenger). We will be unique.

  5. agrav said

    i’m in guys! 😀

  6. Varouge said

    Yo ! Dodo, bonbon, lavach, i’m in ! Viva Banana_Dziran_Respublic

  7. Observer said

    did I mention I’m in?

  8. bekaisa said

    me and Hrant are also in 🙂


  9. gugren said

    ara…arent u scared kind of ?

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