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Is this the future of Armeno-Azeri relations too?

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on February 19, 2007

According to the earliest counts at least 66 people have been killed on the “Friendship Express” train carrying 750 (mostly Pakistani)  passengers  traveling between India and Pakistan.   Two bombs exploded inside the train trapping the passengers inside.  Why??? To disrupt the peace talks.  Why??? Because they hated the other side.  Why??? Hmmm….. 

I’m disgusted!  This is what State and it’s favourite ideology — “Nationalism” does.  Its the same force of nationalism that is behind Article 301, which created the atmosphere for Dink’s murder.  It’s the same old force that is behind barbarism of destruction of Julfa stones (an act very similar to what Taliban did to the ancient and largest in the world statue of Budha), its the same old force that is behind the brutal murder of Gurgen Markarian, just as it is the same force on the streets of Yerevan towards Iranians and Indian students.  It’s right there in the Tseghakron works of Garegin Njeh, which the Republican Party (ՀՀԿ) so proudly posts on its website  And please don’t tell me that the heavily presence of the military in RA politics, and the impoverished masses driven toward barbarism and gut mentality have nothing to do with this.  This is where it leads to.  Is this our future too?      

Oh… and also, 60+ people have been killed this morning in a string of bombings in Baghdad.  Just another day in Iraq…

This world has not gone crazy… This is the natural development of its systems: Statism (mentality that the state is the sole guarantor and guardian of security and welbeing of the community) and Capitalism (social relation arising out of the profit driven production).  These systems simply don’t work on the global scale.  Why should they work in Armenia???  And yet all the discourses about development in contemporary Armenian politics seem to be asking how to import these OLD and malfunctioning antiquarian systems and make them work in a way that they were not historically intended for.   


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