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Armenia’s Place In Contemporary World

Posted by kronstadt on February 23, 2007

AD PRORYV - YerevanThis is an excerpt from the platform of ПРОРЫВ (Breakthrough) Autonomous Action in Yerevan.  It has not been seen for 3 years. Fortunately we had a printout in Russian and translated it (with minor modifications) for our readers: 

The petty-bourgeois social order, which has been inflicted on Armenian people by the global Capital, already suggests that Armenia is not an independent self-determining country.  And it is this condition of Global Capitalism that makes prospects of true democracy in Armenia remote.  It is just a small rotary in the giant machine which processes and launders billions and trillions of world’s capital.  If in a feudal society the exploitation was “direct” (the workers and the people could easily identify who is the oppressor, rebel against the exploiters, kill him, expropriate the feudal land and other properties), then today we have a much more indirect and complex schema of exploitation which realises itself on the level of global capitalism, G8, the State, local class of oppressors, media, cinema, pop-culture, thought-control and the Society of the Spectacle. 

Nevertheless, though the structure of exploitation has altered, the methods of its realisation remain similar.  Just as the feudal gradually would drag the worker into a monetary dependence and eventually into a total submission, similarly, the global Capital behaves in this manner toward the weak and purposefully weakened countries.  

Furthermore it is not only the government that has been subjugated, but also the traditional Armenian Church.  The religious propaganda is being utilised to the full extent for the purposes of pacification – for the purposes of redirecting the masses away from the real causes of their everyday problems, while being effectively financed by the “wealthy trans-national Power-Elite”.  Thousands of preachers, “soul hunters” are scattered across the globe and spread the propaganda about “afterlife” and against the traditional forms of belief and church. 

In the meanwhile, the conditions of ordinary people, who find themselves at the lowest level of social hierarchy, worsens and worsens.  People are becoming increasingly alienated and separated by those very problems which were caused by Capitalism in the first place (eg family problems, disintegration of social fabric).  The social sphere and social communication are becoming increasingly eroded, while people are being denigrated and undignified.  Major national industries are destroyed, while being replaced by hundreds of tiny offices that feed off various grants and credits; and this weakens the workers’ and country’s economic and political power and makes it increasingly dependent on Global Capital.  The Global Capital knows exactly who presents the utmost danger to its survival, and that is why it allocates a number of meaningless grants and credits in a broader plan to prevent the spread of large workers’ collectives, to erode the proletarian culture of self-organization in the countries where it is well established, to keep the workers disunited and people alienated and separated, and the social fabric eroded.  In accordance to a similar scenario the religious propaganda system operates, thus destroying traditional forms of church and keeping believers separated in various sects.Don't be a pawn - think for yourself

While facing no effective resistance, the largest capitalist states are not squeamish to use any methods possible to reach their goals, and they do it in an increasingly audacious and open manner.  What place is then allocated to a person who is honest, thinking freely and artistically?  What place is given to a human being, a human being who does not constrain himself/herself in life but by his own interests – one who doesn’t think of himself/herself as a clone and a part of this giant animalistic system?

* * * Our Aim – to unite such individuals and creation of autonomous societies, in which the problems of everyday life would be solved in Direct-Democratic manner through interaction by people themselves, in which the decisions would be taken independent of state-politics; societies which would work toward creation of an integrated and harmoniously developed individual, which would facilitate the conditions for the realisation of Creative, Artistic and Cultural potentials.  We believe that the current system of education and upbringing, traditionally carried from one generation to the next, is in conflict with laws of existence and nature, is generally unhealthy for the individual and is detrimental for our planet.  We believe that the most important knowledge for the individual is the knowledge of laws of nature and of one’s place in it, while the most important type of upbringing is the upbringing of the self.  Nevertheless an individual cannot exist outside of society and that is why we stand for unification of the masses and creation of autonomous social self-governments, which would serve as the foundation for the resistance against the current hierarchical regime.       


12 Responses to “Armenia’s Place In Contemporary World”

  1. Observer said

    By the way – I have been translating your name as ՀԱՍ Շարժում /Հայ Ազատական Սոցիալիստական Շարժում/ but I see the flag is: ԼՀՇ – can you please translate it for me so I can correct my mistakes?

    Cheers, Observer

  2. kronstadt said

    Yes. Good that you brought this up. When we were contemplating what to call this network/movement, we did not want to call it “anarchist” because that term entered political lexicon in 1840 with Proudhon’s joke and stayed there, and that’s an old term which is tarnished by State-Communist (Bolshevik) and also Capitalist propaganda. Also, choosing that term would alienate many people who are generally leftists and pro-DirectDemocracy.

    We wanted to start a movement that would work more like a forum for intellectuals from many different camps, and we did not want that old “tribalistic” thinking that is present within the Radical-Left: “Troskyists”, “Communists”, “Anarchists”, “Marxst-Leninists” etc. These are all concepts that by now have lost their original meaning, but kept their tribalistic hateread of other groups. At the same time we are not entirely Anarchist in the strictest sense — (well not all of us at least). The idea is to invite a Dinamic Debate and Discussion on the level of Intellectualism, Artistic expression, analytical vigour, fresh ideas and Solidarity and to see our politics spring out of that. So we wanted to stay open to neo-Marxists and Libertarians and other groups (but not fascists). The general location of our politics is described in this diagram. Our vision is generally anarchistic or Libertarian-Socialist is another name for it, which is more explanatory in terms of its general philosophy and where its politics is located. Plus we are also advocates for Direct Democracy (siilar to Swiss model). At the same time we also took quite a few arguments from Communitarianism (which is a branch of political philosophy that was developed very recently after 1995 onwards). But the important thing is that as a theory we take a lot from the philosophical achievements of the 20th century: post-structuralism, postmodernism, Dada, Situationism, Lacanian psychoanalysis and even neo-Marxism of the late 20th century. In recent years there has also been a lot of research in what is known as “Poststructuralist-Anarchism” or “Post-Anarchism” and one of our activists was involved in that research. So we take our political thinking more from these recent developments, then from 19th century anarchism.

    So we thoght how do you traslate Libertarian-socialism and Communitarianism into Armenian language? Socialist is Սոցիալիստական, so that’s easy. But if you translate “Libertarian” as “Azatakan”, that would be misleading because Azatakan means Liberal and then it would be confused with Ramkavars and all that bunch of empty-talk power-lusty sly oppositionists. Also Liberal-Socialist would be a contradiction is terms (an oxymoron), while there is quite a difference between Liberalism and Libertarianism. So, since we did not come up with any proper translation for Libertarian, we just simply decided to leave it at that: Libertarian=Լիբեռտարական. And Libertarian-Socialist as Լիբեռտար-Սոցիալիստական. If you or anybody can come up with something better, then we open to suggestions.
    But then how to you translate “Communitarian”? Well, the first difficulty is that even in English language this word is a neologism. So, accordingly, the translation into Armenian would be a word that doesn’t yet exist: Համայնքական!!!
    So… Լիբերտառ-Սոցիալիստական Համայնքական Շարժում (ԼՀՇ)
    If you or anybody have better suggestions, then we are Open (after all this is what this movement is about).

  3. Observer said

    I think your explanation is absoluetely fine – and I see and accept the reasoning behind it. I’ll try to correct all the entries at the Armenian Blog Review – but it will take some time 😉

  4. agrav said

    last action of proryv was in 2005 in november

    Libertarian socialism -is freacking shit
    socialism can nto be Libertarian
    so think

    • Julissa said

      This is the perfect way to break down this inrifmatoon.

    • Saya cukup prihatin dengan kejadian gunung meletus di daerah sleman mudah mudah-an merupakan peringatan bagi yang tahu tentang kebesaran kekuasaan Allah SWT. dalam memberi peringatan dan cobaan terhadap hambanyaSaya ber’a agar masyarakat sleman dan sekitarnya diberi ketabahan dan kekuatan dalam menjalani cobaan tersebut dan mudah mudah-an ada kesulitan pasti ada kemudahan dan Allah SWT. akan memberi hidayah agar cobaan tidak berlanjut sebagai musibah tetapi barokah di kemudian hari.. aminToto Pribadi, 0  0

  5. kronstadt said

    Agrav… can you please explain??? I thought that you knew quite a bit about anarchism, especially the fact that Libertarian Socialism is another name for it.

    I would also want to know how Autonom aims are different from those of libertarian socialist or anarchist ones.

    And also, please don’t swear.

  6. agrav said

    sure i can comrade
    sorry for my english

    but socialism at firs :
    wanna go to state- cappitalism [i mean state] so it is avtoritarian piramyd
    after they wish have proletariat-terror
    and after that it shuold be something like goverment die [by hisself]

    so what do u thik about libertarian-socialism is it posible ?
    or it is just another tile of neoliberalism?

  7. AgRav, The last thing I could expect is such a careless comment from one of our own.

  8. agrav said

    sorry honney but that is trut 🙂

  9. agrav said

    I mean think about THE NAME
    not what are u doing

  10. kronstadt said

    Agrav, this is not the place for discussion, but only coments pertaining to the specific article.

    For discussions we have designed HRAPARAK FORUM, where I have just posted a reply and explanation of what is Libertarian-Socialism. Just go to the Hraparak forum and look under “Definitions, Concets, Terminology”.

    That posting, I believe, will also be of interest to all those who have been confused about the name “Libertarian-Socialism”.

    There have also been suggestions to rename ourselves into something shorter like the “Communitarian Movement” Համայնքական Շարժում as the true ideological opposition to Հանրապետական Կուսակցություն, but that is something that we will need to discuss in the future when our movement is more established and widespread.

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