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Not So Hilarious Lookalikes – Part III

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on February 27, 2007

The resemblance is uncanny.  But kid yourselves not – HHK is the Armenian Fascist party!  That’s what lays ahead if we don’t shake off the slave-mentality very soon.   If you still have any doubts about the nature of HHK, just read some Garegin Nzhdeh (1886-1955), on whose not simply racist, but Ցեղակրոն “tseghakron” (race-worship) “philosophy”, or rater ‘bullshitology’, HHK bases its thinking.  WARNING: Don’t read too much of those texts because it soon generates a strange feeling of nausea.  Yes, Armenians have Charents, Tumanyan, Shaamirian, Nalbandyan, Atabekyan and many other praiseworthy writers.  But we also have our own range of lunatics, like Nzhdeh and Haik Asatrian.  When you read it, Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” will appear as a bedtime story.

hmmm… what is better National Socialism or National Oligarchism?  Is there any difference??? 

26 Responses to “Not So Hilarious Lookalikes – Part III”

  1. Varouge said

    The eagle is also in the as logo, so what !

  2. kronstadt said

    It’s not about an eagle (Mexico has an eagle too), but about the purposeful resemblance that the HHK is trying to achieve in its symbols and ideology.
    Yes, Hitler took the Nazi swastika from the very ancient symbol that signified Fireworshipers’ (Arians’) belief in the eternal Return and eternal unity between Time and Space. The Nazis took the sign but not its meaning. Now, HHK is adopting and monopolizing that sign (which every Armenian identifies with), but not with its original meaning — no… they’re bringing it in with the concocted Nazi signification about Race-superiority.

    As for the design of the Melkonian Eagle, it was taken not from the Nazi symbology, but from the logo of the Melkonian Cigars, which was taken from ancient Egyptian mythology. Here the eagle was not important – instead, the emphasis is on the Winged being (e.g. Horus and Isis). Ancient Egyptians also put Wings around the Sun disk (the superior knowledge, in the middle of which were the letters ՄԿՀ). Winds in Egyptian mythology signify the divinity and Autonomy of that particular being. I am not sure about divinity, but it was the vision of Autonomy and Self-governance that Melkonian brothers had for the future Melkoniantsi graduates and their communities, who would enter the world equipped and enriched with knowledge and a unique experience. I hope this is a sufficient explanation.

    The Melkonian eagle has nothing in common with Nazi eagle!!!

  3. Кронштадт-джан!!!
    Наш бедный Сасунци(Баквеци?) немного необразованный,так что простим ему это:( А наезжать на Нжде ему лучше на форуме со своими братьями из соседней республики. Они его поймут…

  4. nazarian said

    The resemblance is stunning.

  5. DavidSand said

    I do not think HHK could associate with Nazi. The eagle was taken form “Erkrapa” that use to associate with the party re-build by Vazgen Sargsyan and Nzhdeh’s name (who definitely was not an internationalist :)) was used to demonstrate that the party has a kind of old history. In reality it’s a party of corrupted bureaucrats that use public service for making money. It’s a party of communist style bureaucracy which have not been changed since Stalin time. Nevertheless … it’s sucks 🙂

  6. Chronosian said

    I agree with David, HHK was a made up party like HJK as there was a political vacuum after 1998. Navasardian’s party was turned to a party of military and later was dominated by all sorts of oligarchs. The names are symbolic and I dont pay attantion to that, as for example it was the Republican with the support of Communists, Anarchists, Socialists who were fighting against Franco in Spanish civil war. Everything gets distorted and I don’t like to see this blog becoming a part in that game.

    Re Nzdeh HHK has nothing to do with him. They just publish his books to show as if they are his successors. I think Nzdeh’s ideas are pretty much outdated and are very similar to Hitler’s idea of purfied aryan nation. It is also pitty to confuse patriotism with Nationalism. I can defend this blog in one aspect for sure that it is a patriotic blog and the ideas brought here propose solutions for people living in Armenia for a better life. And peace is an important factor in establishing it.

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  10. Eso said

    Behold! I’ve got one too!
    Link 1 Link 2

  11. Hrant said

    Ankexc asac animast publikacia e. Hanrapetakany jahanadam. Bayc Nzhdehin u Hayk Asatryanin kpnel menak Hanrapetaknin pis ban aselu hamar ham anlurj a, ham el anazniv. Inch nacizm? Inch Mein Kapf? Es groxy Hayk Asatryan kardacel a yndhanrapes? Asum a Charenc unenq ev ayln. Knereq eli, es Charencin shat sirum em, bayc Hayk Astaryani hodvacnerum hachax patahox mtqi xorutyany, Charency kyanqum chi hasni. Es shat qich hay hexinakner gitem 20 dari, vor tenc karevor harcer a bardzracrel inchpes Hayk Asatryany. Qich a grel shat, bayc mtqer uni, voronc zatgacman hamar hima el ambojx institutner kareli a bacel.
    Nacizm-macizmi masin. Ha ed mardiq aprel en 20 dari skzbum u vorosh shrjanum unecel en vorosh vogevorvacutyun nacizmi het kapvac. Absurd a dranic kpnleov` ed mardkanc esim inch saqrel esor. Shat evropakan intelektualner` Heidegger, Jung, Junger, Benn, Hamsun ev shat shat urishner erkar kam karch zhamanakov unecel en edpisi vogeshnchutyun – absurd a dra himan vra ed mardkanc toxac zharangutyuny esor antesel u voch voq el da chi anum. Mer gexciuytyunn a, vor mer mot der ed sovetakan mtacelakerpn a tirum.
    U mi ban chem haskanum. Stex vonc vor te nonkonformist mardkanc sayt petq a lini. Ba el inch sahmanapakunm er – fashizm, mashizm, eism inch. Azat usumnasireq amen inch. Chisht a nuyn Mein Kapfy txmar girq a. Bayc nra hamar che, vor Hitelry boboy a u nacist, ayl uxxaki shat vat lezvov anchashak u gexci mi girq a u xorqayin arumov konformistakan. Isk, asenq nuyn germanakn nacizmi mej kayin xmbavorumner, vor shat aveli hetaqrqir ein u porzdum ein linel ajic u dzaxic ayn koxm. I verjo mtacox mardy amen banic karox a ira hamar mi ban qaxel. Lav sa shexum er. Bayc himnakan mitqy parz a.

  12. Gruppenfuhrer Nazaryan said

    Armenian anarchists…funny. Nzhdeh and Asatryan are heroes of Armenian nation, only jews and zionists insult them.

    • Lola said

      Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artilce. Lol thanks

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  13. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂

  14. Pirsey said

    This topic is quite trendy on the Internet at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write about?

  15. Vahan said

    The sooner the Abrahamic monotheism is rooted out of society, the better. Armenians were forced to accept Christianity, we had letters and libraries that were burned by the Church, Grigor the Illuminator was not an Armenian, etc…Get your facts straight. Venom we call Christianity is poisoning our children…everyone’s children. Abraham, Moses and Jesus were all mythical characters. Get over it. Its has all been in vain. Just the Genocides and Holocausts alone is enough to tell you that after those horrible occurrences, there is no need for salvation. All our children died at times that were needed the most. After that, who are you kidding when you say your prayers have been answered? Are you better or more worthy than those children who got killed? Go in front of the mirror and ask yourself. Lets see if you can look in your eyes.

  16. Aren said

    Before casually smearing Nzdeh in order to make a cheap point, you may want to improve your command of the Armenian language and learn the basic difference between ‘krel- posses, carry’ and ‘kron-religion’, a distinction repeatably spelled out in a strictly irreligious body of literature. However, I doubt that attempt will ever take place, as you clearly prefer the English language over Armenian. As for the HHK, they are about as close to the ideology of Nzdeh as an anarchist is to constitutional monarchy.

    Adorable little picture though.

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  20. Gary Morukian said

    Ridiculous. Garegin Nzhdeh has done far more to secure a future for Armenians than the author of this drivel. This blog cant be taken seriously.

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