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300 people arrested yesterday in Copenhagen

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 3, 2007

Копенгаген: Вчера в Копенгагене было арестовано около 300 человек, боровшихся за сохранение культурного социального центра Дом молодёжи (Ungdomshuset).

Copenhagen:  Yesterday in Copenhagen around 300 people have been arrested, who were struggling to keep the cultural-social center “Youth House” (Ungdomshuset).  Read more here.  Pictures published here as soon as they’re being sent in. 

The occupied house in Copenhagen, Denmark named ‘Ungdomshuset’ has functioned as a very important political and social cultural centre since 1982.  It had been involved in a long political and legal battle for its existence. But yesterday morning at around 7am Danish police made an end to thisby entering the roof of the building using a helicopter and start an unannounced full scale eviction. Riot-police sealed off nearby streets quickly and attacked the building using teargas. As the whole area was closed off, so documenting the action and police-behaviour was difficult. Some witnesses say that teargas and police violence was plentiful, although the eviction happened swiftly and according to police in a “relatively calm manner”.

at nightAt the moment everything is but calm. Over 1000 people are reported to be back onto the streets last night and (burning) barricades blocked off some major roads in the city. Over 160 people have been reported to have been arrested, including 17 of non-danish nationality. Some people have been admitted to hospital. Riots have continued throughout the day and night and solidarity actions spontaneously broke out in cities across europe: Berlin (300+), Köln, Hamburg (700+), München, Karlsruhe, Göttingen, Frankfurt, Bremen (300+), Magdeburg, Hannover, Vienna, Heidelberg, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm (100+), Flensburg, Göttingen, Marburg, Potsdam and Leipzig. Over the next few days many more demonstrations and actions are planned and Danish activists have called for people to make Saturday 3rd March an international day of action. Danish police have started to draft in re-inforcements from all over the country and many more activists are set to arrive in the capital in the coming days.

Action of Solidarity: Please Copy/Paste and e-mail this letter to the Danish embassy in your country.  Their e-mails can be found below.

To Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark
Good day!

Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen is one of the biggest autonomous social
centres in the world. In 1982 house was given to non-authoritarian
political activists, so that they could set up a youth corrective
organization there. City authorities promised that they will not sell
house, but give it for squatters to use. During the following 24
years, with love and care organizers set up their own cultural centre,
which is famous and popular in the whole world.

But in 1999 politicians sold the house to a Christian sect Faderhus,
who already has requested a permission to demolish the house. Already
during 7 years organizers and founders of Ungdomshuset attempt to
organize negotiations with police.

28th of August 2006 there was a decision of a district court. It was
expected, that it would change the course of events. Politicians
should have agreed that Ungdomshuset plays a role too big in cultural
life of Copenhagen in order to be closed, but it did not go like that.

As a response to decision of the court, 3000 people were demonstrating
their support to Ungomshuset. Countless solidarity actions, papers,
and support letters talk about necessity of keeping the house… even a
group of priests and a police chief have made comments in favour of
keeping Ungomshuset. All this proves how much Ungdomshuset means for
the people.

We demand regulation of the conflict!
We demand stopping the election of the Ungdomshuset!
We demand authorities to fulfil their promises!
We demand to keep monument of architecture, and not to allow its demolition!
We demand to give Ungdomshuset to those who really need it, and not to
another totalitarian sect!

DANISH EMBASSIES AROUND THE WORLD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


6 Responses to “300 people arrested yesterday in Copenhagen”

  1. Chronosian said

    so Ungdomshuset fell . I was looking for information about their struggle few weeks ago but couldnt find anything new and their website which was up during their January action was down. Otherwise I was seriously considering about joining them on the barrikades.

  2. kronstadt said

    No, Ungdomshuset itself is in the hands of the police (i think), but from the info I’m getting there is still quite a bit of resistance in the streets. Barricades and occasional clashes, etc… I’m getting this through anarcho-channels – people reporting from the spot, but it looks like the citizens are in support of Ungdomshuset. And there are decentralised incidents. The Police force is real heavy and it’s hard to tell how much longer can they hang on.

    In the meanwhile, this sparked a whole chain of demonstartions and night-vigils across Europe. This is Solidarity in Action.

    In the meanwhile, evictions continue in Yerevan. Yesterday a family of 9 have been VIOLENTLY evicted from their 8-room flat on Abovian street opposite Kino MOCKBA, where they lived for generations, just because they refused to sell it for $23,000. This happened without even the court decision. They brought a whole squad of maroon-berrets. The police violence was reported as way excessive and one of the evictees who was in her final stages of pregnancy was taken to hospital because of police brutality.

  3. […] women’s conference was held in Copenhagen (in the labour-movement building located at Jagtvej 69, which until recently housed Ungdomshuset – where over 1000 people have been arrested in the last few days) by the Socialist International […]

  4. Ujvcwhys said

    UE4tAI comment5 ,

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    здесь видел ет

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