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2 glimpses from French history

Posted by kronstadt on March 7, 2007

To be quite frank, I don’t like the above video that much.  It ends up celebrating May 1968, while I see it as a failure.  The ultimate goals of the revolution were not met.  After the negotiations with De Gaulle the Communist Party told the workers to go back to their factories – and so they did.  One government was replaced by another, while the State stayed intact.  The alienated work continued, the Society of the Spectacle and the culture of mindless consumerism flourished, etc…  Sooner or later this reactionary stage in Armenian history is going to end, but we already need to think beyond that.  The point is to learn from the failures of May 1968 and to build on that.  

The next 3min video is about the role of Situationism in the events of May 1968.  


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