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Armenia 2024: forest free zone

Posted by kronstadt on March 9, 2007

I’m sure many of you have seen this video by Blogian.  If you haven’t watched it, then please pay attention.  If you have seen it then it wouldn’t hurt to watch again.

I have gone over the statistics. The claims made in the video are genuine: Armenia does have a major deforestation problem looming.  I would like to thank Blogian for doing the research and bringing this to our attention. 

Any ideas as to what could be done?


One Response to “Armenia 2024: forest free zone”

  1. Chronosian said

    The only solution:

    In the short run slap on the wrists of the generals who make money by exporting timber.
    I didnt know that Armenia exports timber among other countries to Iran, Arab Emirats, and if I am not mistaken even to Georgia and Turkey.
    In long-run: develope commercial forests as in Scandianavia, Austria etc as Armenian population and economy depends too much on timber and people will always find way to rely on local forests rather than on imports.

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