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Something doesn’t smell right

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 25, 2007

Prime Minister of RA - Andranik MarkaryanPrime Minister Andranik Markaryan died today of a heart attack.  He was 56.  He was the longest serving Prime Minister (since 2000) of RA and the chairman of the Republican Party since 1997.  Coincidence or not, his death comes less then 2 months before the parliamentary elections and ahead of the next year’s presidential elections.  He was reputed as a man of balance and reason and who kept a general stability both within the government and the HHK party.  

It seems that the topics of discussion in Armenian media over the next few days will be dominated by this event: not his death, but his replacement.  There is a pattern: when Yeltsin wanted to give power to Putin, he first placed him as a Prime Minister (few months before the elections were due); Exactly same thing with Alievs; similarly, Kocharian first came in as a prime minister and then after a bloodless Coup d’Etat and falsified elections, he became the El Presidente of the 3rd republic.  In other words, to be the Minister of Defense is not enough for becoming the next President — one must be in the Prime Minister’s chair for a while as well.  As such, there was no real reason to relievehim from his PM duties — but now he’s dead, so “someone” will have to replace him.  Why do these high ranking politicians have a habit of dying at the most turbulent and decisive points in history (when history is more like a junction)?  Coincidence? hmmm…. Maybe… 

Condolences to Markaryan family.  God bless his soul — RIP. 


7 Responses to “Something doesn’t smell right”

  1. […] they didn’t, and instead took a day, but now the Armenian Libertarian-Socialist Movement starts the ball rolling by wondering if Markarian’s death is coincidence less than two months before the 12 May […]

  2. alright… I really need to make this additional comment to my own posting: I am not a Conspiracy Theorist!!! I wanted to record the fact of Prime Minister’s death and to reflect of the pattern of power succession in CIS sphere, which is: first the person becomes a Prime Minister and being in that place for few months almost guarantees his successing as the President. We have seen this pattern through and through in the recent history of the most of the post-Soviet republics. That was the important point in the post.

    Instead, the commentators TO this posting in Oneworld Multimedia chose to focus on the Cospiracy-Theory-undertone in my writing, while that was not the main emphasis.

    I am not making any alegations, because I have no proof to substantiate them (any good conspiracy theory is the unprovable one). But one simply cannot help but have a trace of thought in that direction. I mean I would be quite surprised if I’m told that nobody had even the thinnest trace of that “maybe” thought.

    Yes, the PM had a history of heart problems, so the moment the news of his death came out I too thought — hmm, probably it was his heart. But then there are other factors: his age 55, Serge Sargsyan’s grooming for succession while no good reason to remove Margaryan, increasing importance of the Dodo party, Russian interests, the Iranian gas pipeline, USA’s troubles in the region, as well as a whole multitude of geo-political factors at play at present — all at the same time. One just can’t help but have that nagging thought: “what if…”. Margaryan implied that he would stand down after the parliamentary ellections, but what if Bargavatch Hayastan would by then have enough seats to mount a serious leverage for having their own dodi Prime Minister in place??? If that would happen, it would send turmoil and rupture within the HHK party. Also if Serj is being groomed for the President’s seat, it would make sense to have him as a PM, but it would be quite difficult to put him in the PM seat after the May elections (with increased significance of the Bargavatch). In other words, it seems like Andranik Margaryan (RIP) has died in perfect timing.

    I’m not making any conspiracy theory alegations. I’m just making an observation of how power-succession works in post-Soviet space and recording that little thought of “what if…”

  3. Well, I recognize that, how you’ve pointed to the fact that such theories are not so out of the ordinary in the former Soviet space, and the fact that the timing is either fortunate or unfortunate for various political players in the election game whichever way you look at it.

    Anyway, it does look as though it was natural causes unless some revelation is made about where and who he dined with in recent days, or about any medication he might have been on.

    Still, as we don’t know who this will really benefit — the Republicans won against Prosperous Armenia in Armavir at the weekend so perhaps they don’t need to worry at all even with Tsarukian’s massive spending — or whether it will change anything at all.

    Markarian was reported to be stepping down after the May election, and so on, but anyway, I certainly don’t think your initial post was too fantastic at all — although the Iran pipeline theory on another site is perhaps. However, everybody seems to think that it’s heart failure due to natural causes.

    In a few days/weeks/months, however, no doubt there will be dozens of other possible reasons floating around.

  4. […] the Armenian Socialist-Libertarian Movement blog, Sasuntsi Anarchist says that the timing of the Armenian prime minister’s death is suspicious. Nathan […]

  5. Chronosian said

    He was like a curtain hanging there to cover all the stuff that was going behind it. But as it was not large enough and the stuff was too huge it couldnt serve its purpose. Now there is only one curtain ,a smaller one and that is Tigran Torosyan – the speaker of the parliament. I dont count Oskanian in this as he is just a smokescreen. I think it will be a good strategy to give the position to Oskanian till May 13. But do the bastads care?
    Bjer@ habrgel en.

    Noli nothis permittere te terere

  6. A1 Plus provides us with the first signs of some people thinking that Markarian’s death, but to be honest, these are really a minority of voices. Also, if A1 Plus meant Serzh and Torosian didn’t go inside for the funeral, that’s incorrect because I personally followed them in at the bottom along with other journalists.


    [06:20 pm] 28 March, 2007

    Freedom Square was full of people; many came to express their respect towards RA Prime Minster Andranik Margaryan, others – out of curiosity.

    “Andranik Margaryan was my compatriot; he comes from Talin. He was a good person,” says Karen.

    “Our country lost a great statesman. He had his great share in the country’s future well-being and statehood. He is an excellent sample of a real patriot as he has been capable of uniting conflicting political forces”, Serob Antinyan says.

    Ararat Hairapetyan maintains that Andranik Margaryan is the embodiment of political morality. “He is a traditional Armenian. One can hardly find suchlike people among the RA high-ranking officials today. ”

    Mr. Siranush claims, “I have come to look at the eyes of those who wished death to the prime minister.” Martin Zohrabyan also agrees that everything was planned under a perfect scenario.

    Mrs. Anik stood at the entrance and shouted, “Andranik Margaryan was murdered; let them sent me to the National Security Service for this announcement. There are so many people who suffer heart problems but live for a long time.”

    It is noteworthy that the Republicans, Tigran Torosyan and Serge Sargsyan didn’t go aside during the whole funeral.

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