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what have we been up to?

Posted by kronstadt on April 11, 2007

some of our regular readers have been wondering where we’ve disappeared, since for the recent weeks there haven’t been many new posts.  Well, I should say that we’re busy with a very important project.  When we first got hold of it, we threw ourselves into it and kept is secret so as not to spoil the surprise.  But now it’s taking a little longer then what we estimated.  But let me tell you, It’s BIG and so is it’s potential impact; and when it’s complete and when it’s out in the open, it could change the history of Armenian social science and political philosophy as we know it.  So watch this space.

If you would like to be a part of this project and contribute, and if you have the necessary skills and motivation to translate texts from pre-revolutionary Russian into English, then please contact us by e-mail.


5 Responses to “what have we been up to?”

  1. Chronosian said

    Jamanak chem gtnoom Atabekyanov zbaghvelu hamar. en pakas yerkrord ej@ tpel em bayst edpes el mants gortsi teghoum. Myus shabat portsem mi ban anel.
    Esor Banksy-i gortsern ei nayum grakhanoutoum. Haves baner en.
    Hayastanoum el edpes baner petk a anel. yes mi kani gaghapar unem vor jamanak eghav scatchner-@ kdnem online.

  2. isabella said

    De spsum enq !

  3. Chronosian said


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