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“Impeachment” bloc won in “Parliamentary Elections in Armenia” SMS-voting

Posted by kronstadt on May 12, 2007

The elections have just finished.  There were no exit-polls conducted due to lack of human resource.   The administration that planned the orininal exit-polls decided to focus on “quick response” to violation alerts. The second NGO expected to conduct exit polls was the Center of Efficient Policy and Political Studies. But it too abandoned the idea due to lack of human resources. The number of volunteers was too small.  Thus, it was decided to hold exit polls via SMS and announce the results at 8.30 p.m. local time.  So, unfortunately these SMS-polls are the closest that I could get to exit-polls.

584 citizens of Armenia participated in the “Parliamentary elections-2007” SMS-voting, organized by the Armenian “Hay” Radio-Station.

Mediamax reports that the Director of the Radio-Station Aram Mkrtchian stated today that the voting took place in the course of time between 8:00 and 20:00. One SMS was accepted from each mobile telephone number.

Aram Manukian stressed that the results of the SMS-voting cannot be considered an exit-poll and cannot be used to dispute the official results of the elections.  Here are the results:

  1. “Impeachment” bloc – 137  (when counted with “Republic” party – 27, and “New Times” – 11)
  2. “Heritage” party –127
  3. the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) – 66
  4. the People’s Party of Armenia – 57
  5. “Dashnaktsutiun” party (ARF-HHD) – 56
  6. “Orinats Yerkir” party – 42
  7. “Prosperous Armenia” party (BHK) – 29
  8. National Democratic Party – 17
  9. United Labor Party (MAK) – 17

The remaining participants of the elections gained less than 10 SMS votes, or did not receive any.


7 Responses to ““Impeachment” bloc won in “Parliamentary Elections in Armenia” SMS-voting”

  1. kronstadt said

    Few minutes abo the initial results were announced by the Central Electoral Commission. (Reference: A1+)

    On May 13, at 10:00 a.m., the Central Electoral Commission issued the latest data on the election results. The general picture is as follows,

    Republican Party of Armenia – 343 822 votes

    Prosperous Armenia – 150 264 votes

    ARF Dashnaktsutyun – 133 600 votes

    Orinats Yerkir Party – 66 480 votes

    Heritage Party – 43 701 votes

    Impeachment Alliance – 10 947 votes

    It is noteworthy that the Republican (HHK), Prosperous Armenia (BHK), ARF Dashnaktsutyun (HHD) and Orinats Yerkir (OEK) parties have overcome the 5-percent threshold.


  2. […] of the Radio “Hay” radiostation’s SMS voting also mentioned above ALS Movement is spreading misleading information (although Kronstadt is honest in specifying how exactly he […]

  3. agrav said

    show must go on 🙂

  4. kronstadt said

    I agree, AgRav… La Société du Spectacle 😉 Totally!

    If anything these elections were a JOKE!!! So, goodbye $250million USAID Millenium Challenge grant 😦

    They didn’t even bother to finance exit-polls, and a private company had replaced it with SMS polls — I mean, these elections were a laughing stock.

    The observers are saying that these elections were better then before, but I’m just laughing. I mean some of the reports I’ve listened to (on Radio “Azatutyun”) and read (from many sources), were just hillarious: some people were complaining that they received only 3000 Drams for their vote, while their neignbours received 5000 – and they called it unfair practice 🙂 And another woman (employee of HHK) was complaining that she gave a lift to her neighbour who later refused to vote for HHK 🙂 And another woman was making a scandal because she didn’t get her 5000 Drams from Bargavach. And there are lots and lots more reports like these. It’s all commical and satirical and at the same time sad. Like in stories of Zoschenko, Kafka and Tumanyan.

    (I think after this we will need to disolve our mock party “Banana Hanrapetutyun”, and recognise the supremacy of Bargavach)

    These elections were simply a JOKE. But at the same time there is a Bigger joke that is in the media and the blogosphere: namely the belief that even if the campaigns and elections were fair, it would save Armenian people from extreme poverty and Global Capitalism. The sad thing is that maybe at some primordial level those poor peasants knew this on some gut-feeling level and therefore took the bribes and voted for their slave-masters.

    But the more and more Armenia makes no secret about itself being a Banana Republic, the more legitimation and Authority will it loose in the eyes of its people. For now let the Nazi Bourgeois rejoice – they probably think they have won a landslide victory, but in the long term they’ll loose. If anything the current processes in Armenia are showing that people’s awareness (even among peasants in the remotest vilages) of what the HHK, BHK, HHD, MAK are all about; and their realisation that Elections can’t change anything in Armenia in terms of their extreme poverty and lack of rights… all of these brings the people to realisation that a more radical anti-Capitalist action will be needed. This is why I’m paying so much attention to these elections, even though of course I don’t believe they will change anything.

    What is interesting to me is not the elections, but the people’s mood, attitude and thoughts around them. I think people are saying a lot more then middle-class media reporters are able to understand.

  5. agrav said

    right comrade , imho thats the result of “Democratit” Tales

    voncen asum Eriqnaz tatiki heqiatner@

    the funny thing about that ,

  6. Lavar said

    The genius store caledl, they’re running out of you.

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