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Serzh Sargssyan’s “inauguration”

Posted by Chronosian on April 10, 2008

Some photos taken behind the scenes.

Serzh arrives

Serzh gives an oath to his supporters.


8 Responses to “Serzh Sargssyan’s “inauguration””

  1. kopaloni said

    The swastika more approaches to Levon,
    than Serzh

  2. Kopaloni and other,

    guys I don’t know what’s going on in there but it makes me sooo sad 😦 How such things can happen in Armenia. Really, does anyone know? Is that just a political this or really are people splitted in their opinion?

    Would be happy to hear an uninvolved observer.


  3. sabotage said

    I am involved.
    but i can tell something for sure the current regime is a fascist regime

  4. […] […]

  5. Haik said

    If the fascists who created this site, keep on spreading propaganda like this, rest assure that armenians will be living under a totalitarian regime thath hides behind a “DEMOCRACY.” Bari LUYS you stupid stupid people.

  6. kopaloni said

    it is very strange for me, as you supported the Impeachment, and afterwards HHSH. This is not public motion, but budgeted from West attempt of dethronement of authorities and weakening of Armenia.
    Much strange and suspicious that anarchist can support such motion.

  7. kopaloni said

    Haik, was you in Armenia when Levon was a president?

  8. vartkes said

    wake up and smoke the coffee,,,do you know now who was supporting serzh? its the same “west and east” that forced their little dictator in Armenia to sign off with turks and return Karabagh…shame on you for describing a truly people’s movement as a western project, serzh is a project, a failed project

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