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G8 protests in Germany heating up

Posted by Chronosian on June 3, 2007

Yesterday on the 2nd of June the first major G8 2007 clashes occurred in Restock, Germany. As usual the clashes were perpetrated by the fascist police units who attacked the protestors indiscriminately and brutally. As the protestors are branded as ‘terrorists’ I guess there is a new State policy of ‘shoot anything that moves’. The same thing is in practice in Iraq.
Now the question is: be beaten and arrested or protect yourself and others. I go with the second option where as a united group you can resist the beating and arrests. That’s the core of the Black blocs re-introduced in Seattle.
Black Bloc.                                        I also like the clown tactics.



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Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on May 27, 2007

esin.wsДорогие Читатели,
 Хотим пригласить Вас на наш новый форум, который находится по адрессу .  Форум посвящён обсуждению всего политического как в Армении так и на Кавказе.  Можно сказать мы отрицаыем “Политику” Спектакля, и ищем настоящую Политику.  Форум основан на принцыпах Солидарности, Плюрализма, Уважения, Содействия, Разнобразности и Автонома.  Мы призываем всех кто слева как и всех кто не желает быть классифицирован(ной), но требует свободы и Радикальнои Демократии.  Мы зазываем на наш новый ФОРУМ всех груп, организации и индивидов не-конформистов кто желает Свободу и Равенство – давайте садиться за круглуй стол (или скорее, за много разных круглых столов) и делиться идеями.
Этот проект основан на организационных принцыпах Автономного движения, Анти-Глобалистского движения и Мирового Общественного Форума.  Наша организация имеет федеративную структуру, исключающую руководство и иерархию, отрицающую неравенство участников, централизм, жесткое разделение функций, которые губят инициативу, разрушают нашу автономию и подавляют личность.  Наши идейные и орнанизационные принцыпы достаточно широки чтобы не сделать из этого движения секту, и в тоже самоые время позволить каждому извлечь что-то полезное в практическом плане и интересное.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by kronstadt on May 26, 2007

esin.wsDear All,

In recent days the team has been busy building a new forum, and finally I would like to announce and welcome all of you to this amazing state-of-art new OPEN forum – a forum that resists “Politics of the Spectacle”, but is dedicated to everything Political – a forum that rejects the conventional stabilised and monopolized notions of “Politics”, and chooses to be in search of  is not just an internet forum, but more like a beginning of a new open Project based on the model of collaborating Autonomous groups and initiatives, principles of anti-globalization (or Global-Justice, or Alter-globalization) movement and the organizational model of World Social Forum.  In other words, it is by far not an exclusively anarchist or syndicalist club.  Rather, we intend it to be a forum for all groups and individuals with generally left-leanings and demands for Social Justice as well as those with demands for Real Democracy, Radical Democracy, Freedom, Self-Governance and economic Empowerment.  Our ideological and organizational principles are wide enough for everybody to find something interesting and useful (both ideologically and practically).  We are asking people to forget about their “sects” and “clans” and ideological inhibition (political parties and exclusive ideologies are things of the past century), and to unite around a discussion table in search of serious and practical solutions to the current problems at hand.  Unlike Party models (which are inherently a Fascist model in the way that it enforces unity through Unanimity) we want to celebrate and embrace difference/diversity and to invite practical cooperation, unified resistance and the culture of Solidarity precisely because of difference (watch Michael Hardt’s lecture below to see what I mean).

Armenia today finds itself in the midst of what can be best termed as “Desert of Ideas“.  The recent elections and the paucity of the campaigns, if anything, have highlighted precisely that condition of contemporary Armenian political scene.  A radical transformation in a multitude of spheres Read the rest of this entry »

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Situationism, etcetera…

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 6, 2007

Guy DebordI’ve had a comment from Artashes with regards to responsibility of putting up the video below.  Whatever I do, please believe me, I do with responsibility, integrity and a thought.  My response grew large enough to make an interesting article. So here it is:
Dear Artashes, asking me what’s the point of posting this video (see below) is like asking David Lynch about the meaning of his films.  Maybe, its for me to do and for others to think.  But some encouragement may also be needed…

I mean… on which level do you want it? 
It already appear that you are a rationalist moralist (like Chomsky, for instance, is a Cartesian rationalist), which is a good philosophical position to see and analyze most of the problems at hand…. but only upto a certain point.  That point being the realization that rationalism and morality, though originally with noble intentions, are themselves involved in the originary encoding of the status quo.  Don’t forget that ultimately it was the height of Rationalism and populist conscientiousness that led to Holocaust, Stalin’s repressions, Mao’s Read the rest of this entry »

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everything is possible…

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 6, 2007

If the world that we are forced to accept is false and nothing is true, then everything is possible.

On the way to discovering what we love, we will find everything we hate, everything that blocks our path to what we desire.

The comfort will never be comfortable for those who seek what is not on the market.        

                           A systematic questioning of the idea of happiness. Read the rest of this entry »

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when alternative forms of expression become futile

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 2, 2007

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Professional Army combined with localised Fedayeen Clubs

Posted by kronstadt on February 11, 2007

As we have stated in out Manifesto, “Military service should be voluntary. There should be no draft.  There should be a small but, efficient Professional army, combined with decentralized Hamainq-controled Local voluntary Militia Brigades (fedayeens) who would have private gun ownership rights (but stored in the local fayeen camps). The Federal defense forces must also invest in Satellite technology and Satellite Guided Precision Missiles.  Professional Army is also imperative for eliminating corruption and separating the militaristic thinking from the political lifeRead the rest of this entry »

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Noam Chomsky on human destiny

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on February 10, 2007

Chomsky speaks about human destiny – (2 minutes)

“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence democracy and freedom are more than values to be treasured.  They may well be essential to survival.”

Noam Chomsky is officially the most quoted intellectual alive.  Some regard him as the greatest philosopher remaining.  …oh, and he is also an anarchist, or as he sometimes refers to himself, a “Libertarian-Socialist”.

I’m deeply disappointed by the level at which the contemporary debates and thinking about Armenian politics is taking place (especially within Read the rest of this entry »

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What is POLITY ???

Posted by kronstadt on February 10, 2007

Aristotle's classification of political systems

For the purpose of classifying different forms of constitutions and forms of governance, Aristotle (in Politics, Book III,7) noted that 2 questions must always be asked:

  1. Who is the rube by ? ,  and,
  2. Whose interest that rule serves?

He came up with 3 categories: One, Few, Many (One, Elite, People).

The above is what Aristotle’s classification of political systems looked like. Read the rest of this entry »

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Armenia doesn’t need another political party — it needs a MOVEMENT!

Posted by kronstadt on February 8, 2007

The fact that there are so many parties in Armenia might not actually be a bad development (given that there is the right type of constitutional setting to cater for such a development). Of course, that’s not what the Rebiblican and Parliamentary system desire, but at least it shows that people care and are involved with political life of the country.

Now it’s not something that should be disqualified as a necessarily ill development on the grounds that it won’t work within the configurations of Parliamentarianism (after all the struggle should be to make Democracy work, and not the Representative Parliamentarism 😉 ). Instead, we should be asking how to re-structure the political system in such a way that would accomodate and make the best use of such political diversification (something that many political scientists, for instance, would praise).

Read the rest of this entry »

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Armenian History in Anarchist Perspective

Posted by kronstadt on February 7, 2007

The History of Armenian People and Their Struggle for Social Justice (fragments of history)

Who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past“. — George Orwell

Abstract:  This article reviews Armenian history, struggles, ancient political movements and peasant rebellions since antiquity and puts it in a framework of the Anarchist theory.  As is the case with any state-controlled historical narrativizations, the history is often de-contextualised and re-contextualised, de-coded and re-coded so as to serve the interests of a particular class.  What I have tried to do in this article is to subvert that process and, in effect, to deconstruct that which has been constructed as “Armenian History”.  This article works its way from ancient movements such as Pavlikians, Tondrakiyts, Messalians and Borborits, on to more recent anarchist fradments of Armenian history such as Shaamirian, Nalbandian, Jheon, Atabekian and especially the Anarchist origins of early Dashnaks (ARF).  [This article could be of particular interest to anyone interested in Armenian history as well as to academics researching on Anarchist history in the region of Caucasus

Read the rest of this entry »

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The 1st entry – what is this blog going to be?

Posted by kronstadt on February 4, 2007

Greeting Comrades,

Over the years we have met many Armenian anarchists and like-minded intellectuals. It was also exciting to find out that there is an organized “Autonom” movement in Yerevan (Proryv – “Breakthrough”), though their website has been discontinued. And we have recently found out that the group has been violently crushed in our beloved “Democratic” Republic.  We have also met many socialists and communists, who adopt a critical view of dictatorial communism; we have met many like-minded intellectuals… many Greens, many feminists, many left-wing activists, many avant-garde artists and intellectuals… The only thing is that they are not only in
Armenia, but also spread across the globe – “the Greater Armenia”.

In short, we are starting this website with knowledge that there are many people out there sympathetic to our ideas.  We want to create this website as a sort of convergence point –  a Cyber-HQ and as a focal point to help us come together, discuss and develop our politics… first as a cyber-commune and then, hopefully, gradually grow into a political force.

For now, we are just testing the ground. So if you are an anarchist, a libertarian socialist, an anti-Fascist, a supporter of Direct Democracy, a  democratic-communist who believes that communism doesn’t have to be a Stalinist dictatorship and can be democratic; if you’re a feminist, Green or an intellectual, or just a left-bank individual who is simply interested and who believes that the existing political parties both in Diaspora and the Republic, are a thing of the past, — then contact us (or just post a comment). Tell us about your views and concerns in Armenian politics (both Diasporan and Republican).

We would want to say from the outset that we are not interested to hear from fascists, racists, nationalist socialists, blood-worshipers, “tseghakron” race-worshipers or other intellectually impoverished persons.

About this blog:  In this blog we will present the Anarchist and Libertarian-Socialist review and analysis of political developments that take place in Armenia,
Caucasus and around the world.

Who are we:  We are a network of activists and intellectuals (socialist, anarchist, democratic-socialist, libertarian; patriotic, but not nationalist) who have met in random locations of the globe and agreed that a serious “3rd Way” radical movement is needed in Armenian politics.  We believe that neither the Liberal Capitalism nor a Bolshevik-style Dicratorial Communism, nor the pretentious Social Democracy, provide any plausible answers to Armenia’s requirements,  The 3rd republic has failed. The problem is the structure encoded in the Republican constitution!  We propose to move in the direction of the Swiss model of Federalism and Co-operative Communally controlled mode of production, whereby the power of decision making is with the people in their communes (Hamainq).  We say: Power to the People – power to the Hamainqs!

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