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G8 protests in Germany heating up

Posted by Chronosian on June 3, 2007

Yesterday on the 2nd of June the first major G8 2007 clashes occurred in Restock, Germany. As usual the clashes were perpetrated by the fascist police units who attacked the protestors indiscriminately and brutally. As the protestors are branded as ‘terrorists’ I guess there is a new State policy of ‘shoot anything that moves’. The same thing is in practice in Iraq.
Now the question is: be beaten and arrested or protect yourself and others. I go with the second option where as a united group you can resist the beating and arrests. That’s the core of the Black blocs re-introduced in Seattle.
Black Bloc.                                        I also like the clown tactics.



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Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on May 27, 2007

esin.wsДорогие Читатели,
 Хотим пригласить Вас на наш новый форум, который находится по адрессу .  Форум посвящён обсуждению всего политического как в Армении так и на Кавказе.  Можно сказать мы отрицаыем “Политику” Спектакля, и ищем настоящую Политику.  Форум основан на принцыпах Солидарности, Плюрализма, Уважения, Содействия, Разнобразности и Автонома.  Мы призываем всех кто слева как и всех кто не желает быть классифицирован(ной), но требует свободы и Радикальнои Демократии.  Мы зазываем на наш новый ФОРУМ всех груп, организации и индивидов не-конформистов кто желает Свободу и Равенство – давайте садиться за круглуй стол (или скорее, за много разных круглых столов) и делиться идеями.
Этот проект основан на организационных принцыпах Автономного движения, Анти-Глобалистского движения и Мирового Общественного Форума.  Наша организация имеет федеративную структуру, исключающую руководство и иерархию, отрицающую неравенство участников, централизм, жесткое разделение функций, которые губят инициативу, разрушают нашу автономию и подавляют личность.  Наши идейные и орнанизационные принцыпы достаточно широки чтобы не сделать из этого движения секту, и в тоже самоые время позволить каждому извлечь что-то полезное в практическом плане и интересное.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by kronstadt on May 26, 2007

esin.wsDear All,

In recent days the team has been busy building a new forum, and finally I would like to announce and welcome all of you to this amazing state-of-art new OPEN forum – a forum that resists “Politics of the Spectacle”, but is dedicated to everything Political – a forum that rejects the conventional stabilised and monopolized notions of “Politics”, and chooses to be in search of  is not just an internet forum, but more like a beginning of a new open Project based on the model of collaborating Autonomous groups and initiatives, principles of anti-globalization (or Global-Justice, or Alter-globalization) movement and the organizational model of World Social Forum.  In other words, it is by far not an exclusively anarchist or syndicalist club.  Rather, we intend it to be a forum for all groups and individuals with generally left-leanings and demands for Social Justice as well as those with demands for Real Democracy, Radical Democracy, Freedom, Self-Governance and economic Empowerment.  Our ideological and organizational principles are wide enough for everybody to find something interesting and useful (both ideologically and practically).  We are asking people to forget about their “sects” and “clans” and ideological inhibition (political parties and exclusive ideologies are things of the past century), and to unite around a discussion table in search of serious and practical solutions to the current problems at hand.  Unlike Party models (which are inherently a Fascist model in the way that it enforces unity through Unanimity) we want to celebrate and embrace difference/diversity and to invite practical cooperation, unified resistance and the culture of Solidarity precisely because of difference (watch Michael Hardt’s lecture below to see what I mean).

Armenia today finds itself in the midst of what can be best termed as “Desert of Ideas“.  The recent elections and the paucity of the campaigns, if anything, have highlighted precisely that condition of contemporary Armenian political scene.  A radical transformation in a multitude of spheres Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on May 17, 2007

image +1

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Indymedia in Armenia???

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on May 14, 2007

Inymedia LogoA few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a short-lived Indymedia in Armenia approximately 2 years ago.  Needless to say IMC Armenia was one of only 4 IMCs in Middle East (the others being in Palestine, Israel and Lebanon) and the only one in Caucasus.  I was intrigued to say the least, so I embarked on a quest to find out more about this much-needed form of information gathering and distribution, and media source in Armenia and Caucasus today.  If you know more about what happened to Indymedia in Armenia please-please write it in comments.

I know that Onnik from Oneworld Multimedia blog knows about Indymedia in Armenia because he referenced them few times, so I hope to hear from Onnik.  I would imagine that bloggers who have been around for a while, might know more about what happened to this short-lived IMC-Armenia. So please write.

This is what I’ve found so far: Read the rest of this entry »

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“Impeachment” bloc won in “Parliamentary Elections in Armenia” SMS-voting

Posted by kronstadt on May 12, 2007

The elections have just finished.  There were no exit-polls conducted due to lack of human resource.   The administration that planned the orininal exit-polls decided to focus on “quick response” to violation alerts. The second NGO expected to conduct exit polls was the Center of Efficient Policy and Political Studies. But it too abandoned the idea due to lack of human resources. The number of volunteers was too small.  Thus, it was decided to hold exit polls via SMS and announce the results at 8.30 p.m. local time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Волна репрессий против анти-G8 структур в Германии

Posted by agRav on May 11, 2007

Gipfelsoli Info Group, Campinski Press Group 09.05.2007

* Волна репрессий против анти-G8 структур*
* Обыски в Гамбурге, Бремене, Берлине*
* Основная мишень – коммуникационная структура движения против
“большой восьмерки”*

Пресс-релиз Read the rest of this entry »

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What else is there left to do?

Posted by kronstadt on May 11, 2007

The voter apathy in Armenia is no surprise to me.  Rather, this apathy is in itself another way of looking at Armenian political landscape today.  Maybe even this apathy is an expression of another ideology…

Lets take an average working class citizen of RA — Poghos-Petros, as an example.

Right… so what does Poghos-Petros see in front of him?  First or all there are all too many holes that the government has meticulously created to insure that it’s parties HHK and BHK smoothly and unquestionably get elected and that one of Rob’s favorites smoothly succeeds him.  Some of these holes include the Read the rest of this entry »

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Police Brutality has began in Armenia even before elections

Posted by kronstadt on May 10, 2007

Armenian state, just like any other state, likes stability, statistics and predictability.  It does not like anomalies that erupt outside the neatly predictable national statistical polls.  Yet in recent months an anomaly has been growing – originally called Aylentranq, which later evolved into Impeachment alliance.  The probable reason why this “Impeachment” is being treated as an anomaly is as follows: while the official and mainstream media polls show that the major players in the parliamentary elections on May 12 will be HHK, BHK, Dashnaks and OEK, this few month old “Impeachment” occupies a Read the rest of this entry »

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HHK and BHK don’t clash -If elections could change anything they would have long been prohibited

Posted by kronstadt on May 10, 2007

Tri TolstyakaSome readers, who are not too familiar with anarchism, have probably been wondering why I have not been writing much about the topic which seems to be the buzzzzword of these days: “ELECTIONS”.  Well, there is a proverb by a famous anarchist philosopher that says it all: “If elections could change anything, then they would most probably be abolished“.  Or there is even a better one “Don’t vote! The government will get in anyway“, or another one: “Don’t Vote! It only encourages them“.  Some may say “What?!? Aren’t anarchists pro-democracy?!?!?”  Well, that’s precisely the point anarchists are pro-Democracy… pro-Real-Democracy that is, or as some scholars call it Radical-Democracy, where voting means something, where voting does have a direct impact on Everyday Life and the structure of the system.  Anarchists love voting, they vote on everything – that’s what is called “Anarchy in action” (just watch the film LAND and FREEDOM and you’ll see what I mean).  Democracy (rule by the people) as a principle must be understood in its full scope, and be pushed to the maximum: going to the ballot box every 4 or 5 years and ticking meaningless boxes for particular individuals rather then ideas and principles, and not hearing from your MP until next elections or until another scandal surrounding him unfolds in newspapers… all that and more, can hardly be called a Democracy.  In other words, of course it can be called Democracy, and indeed that is what is implied by politicians as Democracy, but that is hardly a fulfilment of the democratic principle.

Voting alone does not constitute Real Democracy!  One is given the right and allowed to tick boxes every 5 years (much like playing a lottery). But one has no say over particular issues that arise in day-to-day political life, just like one has no real say over the most significant issues such as participation in the US-led Coalition of the Willing invasion of Iraq, or adopting the IMF white paper on poverty reduction, or adopting WTO protocols, or privatization of national industries to non-elected imperialist forces, or constructing another NPP, or participation in global capitalist financial system or any other issue that any government once elected will much too soon irreversibly treat as “yet another positive step toward liberalisation and integration in world economy”.  These are areas where not only principles matter, but only ones that sooner or later will come back to directly affect the ordinary people who voted these decision-making governement and the parliament in.  These are also the issues where these ordinary people have no say.

In Armenia, just like in any other country ruled by the Labrador class,  democratic elections area ritualized spectacle – a type of spectacle that the government likes to stage and citizens like to participate with a sincere pretence of naivete.  Yet by participating in this sham-democracy what citizens will do on May 12th is endorse the very sham-democracy that is in place.  As an anarchist, I want to say this again: it is not the particular government or particular individual that matters, but the SYSTEM… yes, precisely this pseudo-democracy which allows us to vote on individuals’ reputations and charisma, and a narrowly-defines band of policies (if we’re lucky), but not on the issues which are significant and not in the way that would make a difference.

Today Armenia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world — a shame, given that in 1991the percentage of population with university degrees was way ahead of most Western European countries.  People who have once enjoyed a sustainable and culturally rich way of life are now thinking with their stomachs in meaningless binaries (HHK or BHK), while fascism and Nazism is on the rise (especially among youth who have grown up in a tiny closed country with state-controlled and elite-class-mediated media riddled with racism, xenophobia, war, siege-mentality, nationalist myths and reductionist logic).  Shame!  But why the surprise?  Have we not seen this same story repeat itself historically over and over again elsewhere in so many countries were rilling Labrador classes auctioned their entire populations into the slave markets of global capitalism?  There is nothing new here – nothing to me surprised by: this is what you get with Capitalism and Sham-Democracy.  The Polyarchy at play between the Republican Party (HHK) and the Բարգավաճների Հայաստան (BHK) is much too obvious – contesting the elections are the two hands of the same party – the Serious Business Party, while everybody knows this much too well.  I was checking the candidate lists for the majoritarian system, and guess what: out of 41 constituencies that remain BHK clashes with HHK in only 4 constituencies.  It’s like they set down together one evening and divided the map among themselves.  It becomes only too obvious why BHK manifesto’s priority list is dominated by a complete abolition of the majoritarian system and a complete transition to 100% proportional representation system (not coincidentally, this is the direction in which we’ve been moving under Kocharian in recent years).  At the same time the Dashnak Nazis are on the rise, while many other power-lusty individuals with their puppet-parties tryto occupied the Liberalist-Nationalist ground with total disregard of the broader picture of the global context.  No vision, no future, no ideology, apart from the most cunning ideologies of them all – the Neo-Liberalist ideology — the one that does not declare itself as an ideology while saying that “ideologies of all kinds are bad for you. We are here to do the things in a natural way”.  

If a system doesn’t work, then there is no point in saving it, or in participating in it and thus endorsing it,  or even pretending that some elements of it still work or may work (if we only try to pretend just a little bit harder); and the last thing that one should do is to engage in a discussion on politics within the frameworks of the system’s discourse.  Nietzsche’s wise words come to mind: If something is about to collapse, it deserves to be pushed.

Yet popular imagination of what a true Democratic revolution may entail remains framed by the memories and representations of the 20th century, and limited by the pallid achievements of neighbouring Georgia and Ukraine.             

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Happy MayDay, comrades! No Pasaran!

Posted by kronstadt on May 1, 2007

May Day leafletMay Day poster

Workers’ rights, peoples’ liberties and fair distribution of economic wealth doesn’t grow on trees.  Neither it is achieved by begging.  It takes struggle!  Long and persistent struggle.  Struggle that aims to take both Production and Distribution back into the hands of the producer.  In other words, the west enjoys relatively higher degree of human rights (compared to Armenia and Caucasus) and civil liberties not because they are “Europeans” or “born civilized”, but because there is a long history of workers’ strugles and worker organization into significantly influential unions.  And that is where the true strength is. 

So what’s the history of the MayDay?  It starts with anarchists of Chicago.  In 1887 four Chicago anarchists were executed.  Read the rest of this entry »

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MayDay London

Posted by Chronosian on May 1, 2007

Marching to Trafalgar sq.

It started from Clerkenwell Green and continued to Trafalgar . The police presence was high but they were ‘guarding’ only the anarchists. Police was mainly busy in taking our photos for their database. I am not publishing any more photos as I don’t want people to be spotted. The march was peaceful.

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Երևան – Yerevan

Posted by Chronosian on April 29, 2007

poster in yerevan - photo by bekaisa -

In Russian it reads like a poem

” In a Free country I would like to live Free.
       Breath Freely and decide Freely.
In a “free” country they don’t let me live Free
    The little brothers from the “elite” and  the ” honests” government.
The enemy is known, – why are we waiting?!
I am an anarchist that’s why I will not start ruling and I don’t want to be ruled.

It is time to unite!
         It is time to act! 

Սիրելի Հայաստանյան անարխիստներ կազմակերպվեք մոտեցող շարժման համար: Ծածանեք մեր դրոշը Ազատության Հրապարակում «Իմպիչմենթի» հետ:

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Մոսկովյան դեպքեր – 14.04.07

Posted by Chronosian on April 15, 2007

Moscow events – 14.04.07

9000 policemen were deployed who beat anybody in the parameter and arrested over 200 inculding Gari Kasparov.

Read the rest of this entry »

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what have we been up to?

Posted by kronstadt on April 11, 2007

some of our regular readers have been wondering where we’ve disappeared, since for the recent weeks there haven’t been many new posts.  Well, I should say that we’re busy with a very important project.  When we first got hold of it, we threw ourselves into it and kept is secret so as not to spoil the surprise.  But now it’s taking a little longer then what we estimated.  But let me tell you, It’s BIG and so is it’s potential impact; and when it’s complete and when it’s out in the open, it could change the history of Armenian social science and political philosophy as we know it.  So watch this space.

If you would like to be a part of this project and contribute, and if you have the necessary skills and motivation to translate texts from pre-revolutionary Russian into English, then please contact us by e-mail.

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Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 31, 2007


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Something doesn’t smell right

Posted by Sasuntsi Anarchist on March 25, 2007

Prime Minister of RA - Andranik MarkaryanPrime Minister Andranik Markaryan died today of a heart attack.  He was 56.  He was the longest serving Prime Minister (since 2000) of RA and the chairman of the Republican Party since 1997.  Coincidence or not, his death comes less then 2 months before the parliamentary elections and ahead of the next year’s presidential elections.  He was reputed as a man of balance and reason and who kept a general stability both within the government and the HHK party.  

It seems that the topics of discussion in Armenian media over the next few days will be dominated by this event: not his death, but his replacement.  There is a pattern: when Yeltsin wanted to give power to Putin, he first placed him as a Prime Minister (few months before the elections were due); Exactly same thing with Alievs; similarly, Kocharian first came in as a prime minister and then after a bloodless Coup d’Etat and falsified elections, Read the rest of this entry »

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Armenia 2024: forest free zone

Posted by kronstadt on March 9, 2007

I’m sure many of you have seen this video by Blogian.  If you haven’t watched it, then please pay attention.  If you have seen it then it wouldn’t hurt to watch again.

I have gone over the statistics. The claims made in the video are genuine: Armenia does have a major deforestation problem looming.  I would like to thank Blogian for doing the research and bringing this to our attention. 

Any ideas as to what could be done?

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8th of March

Posted by kronstadt on March 8, 2007

International Women's Day8th of March – International Women’s Day. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. Started as a political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries of former Soviet union like Armenia. In contemporary Armenia, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their sympathy and love to the women around them – somewhat similar to Western Mother’s Day and St Valentine’s Day mixed together.  Men give flowers and re-affirm the patriarchically created identities of what women are and supposed to be in the social and political scheme of things: a good birth-giver, a good Mother, a good cook, a good wife, a good cleaner, an asexual Victorian beautiful object of adoration and preferably a silent one.  hmmm… but do we remember what 8th of March is all about?On 8 March 1857 in New York City Read the rest of this entry »

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The War behind the War… and economies like Armenia in between

Posted by kronstadt on March 8, 2007

(I took this video from one of my favourite blogs in Armenian blogosphere: What Democracy Means

What is this “Long-War” all about??? Afghanistan first, then Iraq and now Rupert Murdock and the Imperialists have unleashed their propaganda/media campaigns against our neighboring Iran.  Are these invasions by the terrorist superpower about nuclear power? Islamic fundamentalism? Dictatorships? weapons of mass destruction? Terrorism? human rights violations against the Kurds and other minorities? Or are they about something much more basic – OIL?!?  So what does this mean in global context and what does it mean for ordinary people in Armenia? Read the rest of this entry »

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