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Posted by kopaloni on August 22, 2008


On August 21, 2008 the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted a decision to increase the volume of water release from Lake Sevan up to 360 mln. cubic meters (instead of 170 mln. cubic meters of previous years established by law).

According to the opinion of independent scientists duplication of the volume of released water from Lake Sevan is impermissible and dangerous for the lake. Climate conditions during 2008 have not been as unfavorable as to generate a need for a measure. While, the declared increase of demand for irrigation water is not justified adequately.

Once again the Armenian authorities prove their anti-national nature…

Once again the publicly-owned resources are sacrificed to satisfy the interests of a group of people…

Once again the coalition parties that pretend to serve national interests, particularly the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, have demonstrated unprincipled and self-seeking behavior.

Meanwhile, the real reasons for the increase of intake from Sevan are obvious – the authorities try to save from being sunk the illegal buildings of a group of oligarchs. As for how and by whom the additional volumes of released water are used – raises certain doubts.


Today Lake Sevan and Teghut forests are being destroyed,

Tomorrow the mines and biological resources will be exploited,

while the intended extraction of uranium will be devastating for the country.

The turn of the 20th century

was marked by the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

The 21st century has begun

with a ‘white’ massacre conducted by native authorities…


Crime is committed with our tacit agreement.

Silence implies agreement!


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